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Putting DNA Technologies to Work for Canadian Beef Producers

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Canadian Simmental has secured and is providing a total of $3.5 million dollars for research initiatives to benefit the Canadian beef industry.

Focusing on the three key production traits of economic importance to cattle producers:

  • fertility
  • feed efficiency
  • carcass & meat quality

Through this research the Canadian Simmental Association will capture approximately 10,000 genotypes including the most influential historic and young sires in the breed today.

membership update brochure

Simmental Membership Update brochure

The Canadian Simmental Association has been involved in several beef improvement projects that focus on traits such as feed efficiency, fertility and carcass and meat quality traits. These research projects were supported by the CSA and it’s Foundation’s resources as well as several funding partners including Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) & Agri-Innovation Program (AIP), Genome Alberta, Genome Canada, Alberta Livestock & Meat Agency and Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund.


View presentation videos and articles from our recent events by clicking on the links below:


“The Canadian Simmental Association is rapidly becoming a genomic powerhouse internationally.”
Dr. Steve Miller – Director, Industry Adoption Livestock Gentec

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